KCC April riding challenges

Due to popular demand we are starting a summer of monthly challenges.

Spring should be here so to kick things off here are the challenges for April, a gentle start to ease into it. Challenge the club, challenge your friends, challenge your riding group, or challenge yourself., it’s just for fun, and maybe bragging rights 😆

I have got Simon Warrens 100 greatest climbs and climbs of Yorkshire, so I will be raiding those for ideas!

Club challenges for April.

Log your rides on the club strava page, and/or post rides up here, take photos for bragging rights, have fun 🙂

So the challenges, there are plenty to choose from, do them all or just pick the ones you want to try.

1.) It’s spring so time to get out more in the sunshine, total distance cycled in April. (Quick tip, Log your rides in Km’s it will look further 🤣)

2.) Complete a single ride of 30 kilometres/ 20 Miles

3.) Hill climbing local, castle Ings road up to Castlegate, strava segment castle ings 2 segment 2316477 (Time to aim for, 2 minutes)

4.) Hill climbing No 2, White Horse Bank, pick a nice day, the views at the top are worth it, stop half way to admire the white horse up close, the challenge is to reach the top so take a breather if you need/want it. Strava segment White Horse Bank, segment 1565146 (Time to aim for, 8 minutes)

5.) longest ride to a café, bonus kudos for best cake photo 👍

Bonus challenge, it’s cobbled classics season, find some cobbles, however short/long they may be, ride them, take a picture 👍