KCC April riding challenges

Due to popular demand we are starting a summer of monthly challenges.

Spring should be here so to kick things off here are the challenges for April, a gentle start to ease into it. Challenge the club, challenge your friends, challenge your riding group, or challenge yourself., it’s just for fun, and maybe bragging rights 😆

I have got Simon Warrens 100 greatest climbs and climbs of Yorkshire, so I will be raiding those for ideas!

Club challenges for April.

Log your rides on the club strava page, and/or post rides up here, take photos for bragging rights, have fun 🙂

So the challenges, there are plenty to choose from, do them all or just pick the ones you want to try.

1.) It’s spring so time to get out more in the sunshine, total distance cycled in April. (Quick tip, Log your rides in Km’s it will look further 🤣)

2.) Complete a single ride of 30 kilometres/ 20 Miles

3.) Hill climbing local, castle Ings road up to Castlegate, strava segment castle ings 2 segment 2316477 (Time to aim for, 2 minutes)

4.) Hill climbing No 2, White Horse Bank, pick a nice day, the views at the top are worth it, stop half way to admire the white horse up close, the challenge is to reach the top so take a breather if you need/want it. Strava segment White Horse Bank, segment 1565146 (Time to aim for, 8 minutes)

5.) longest ride to a café, bonus kudos for best cake photo 👍

Bonus challenge, it’s cobbled classics season, find some cobbles, however short/long they may be, ride them, take a picture 👍

What a year it has been, but with restrictions lifted we are back to full strength running weekly rides from Chapel Street, starting at 9am. The weather is improving, the sun is out. Time to get back outside.

Back on your bike April 4th 2021

Here we Go! Boris says you can Get on Your Bike and ride with us! April 4th 2021

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying the start of Spring and warmer toes when on the bike! Good News! Boris says YES to groups of six (and more if from the same household), so let’s get going again from 9am April 4th 2021. Not sure if Easter Sunday is a popular start day or if the sun will be shining, however if you want to burn a few calories before tucking into chocolate treats then I am sure there will be a few who fancy a ride. So… either get onto the Club Facebook page and start a conversation about getting a group together or just turn up for a 9am start (08.50!) on April 4th and we can organise ourselves. We have a few new members who have joined in lock-down so it may be an opportunity to take some newcomers on your favourite ride! If you haven’t been out for a while, don’t beat yourself up, nor hesitate to come – I’ve been out five times since October (!), we can help each other get back to cycling fitness.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Let’s Go!


Club Chair

New Cyclist/New to Club Ride Day

Sunday 6th September 2020

If you are one of the many who has dusted off their cycle and taken to the roads during lockdown then Knaresborough Cycling Club invites you to join us on one of our official club rides starting from Sunday September 6th 2020.

If you haven’t cycled with a club before you will be welcomed and helped to find a group that suits your pace and fitness. Join us to explore new routes, meet new people and cycle safely with support on our rides.

For further information contact: amanda.stott@btopenworld.com or via our club facebook page. We look forward to welcoming you’

Covid-19 Update

The club is looking to the first weekend in September as a possible weekend to restart club rides. Of course things may change between then and now, however we will put a mark in the sand and aim to find a way to meet 9am Sunday September 6th 2020

We will be mindful as things unfold over the Summer and review if our Sunday in September plan is safe and unoffensive in the light of what unfolds.

Club Rides – Sunday 8th December

Pressed for Time Ride

Pressed for Time Sunday December 8th 2019. Heading out to Little Ribston, on to Whixley, Thorpe Underwood and home via Great Ouseburn and Arkendale. See you at Chapel Street 9am. Let’s Go! 😀🚲

Team Easy

Steady Ride

Medium Ride

Fast Ride
Hello Fast Group. For Sundays ride 8th Dec I suggest Bolton Percy. 58 miles brew at Bolton Percy. We’ll bank Mark Reynolds Ampleforth ride for next time he’s out.


Anyone up for that?

Club Rides – Sunday 10th November

Pressed for Time Ride

Suggest head out to Little Ribston and head towards Whixley, Thorpe Underwood, Great Ouseburn and home via Arkendale.
Back to Cycling Sunday November 10th 2019, heading to Arkendale, Marton cum Grafton and back via Minskip and Staveley. Back for 11am.

Team Easy

Steady Ride

Medium Ride

Fast Ride
If it ever stops raining – a lumpy 50 miler trip round the West End via Menwith Hill, back via Hampsthwaite (brew stop at Sophie’s), Markington and Bishop Monkton. See you Sunday, cheers


Club Rides – Sunday 3rd November

Pressed for Time Ride

Pressed for a Time & Back to Cycling Sunday November 3rd. We will head out to Bishop Monkton and Cycle the Roecliffe Road to Boroughbridge and bank via Staveley. Home for 11am. See you at Chapel Street 9am.

Team Easy

EASY GROUP ride this Sunday. Weather not looking so good, so let’s do a ride to Boroughbridge and beyond. 18 miles or 38 miles depending on the weather. See what it’s like on the day.

Steady Ride

Medium Ride

Fast Ride
Fast group ride for Sunday – Tadcaster via Sicklinghall and Thorner, back via Whixley and Arkendale, c.50 miles with plenty of opportunities to cut corners and do a ‘no-stopper’ if its wassing down. See you Sunday, cheers [Alex – we could meet you in Little Ribston c.910am?]


Kit Fit Night


10% Discount off a Club Jersey

Draw for a Club Jersey or Club kit to the value of a club jersey which will be drawn on the night.

The night to try on the new kit – Fit Kit Night is next Sunday October 27th from 7 to 9pm at Knaresborough Cricket Club on Aspin Lane.

If members order on the night they will receive a 10% discount and be entered into the draw for a Club Jersey or Club kit to the value of a club jersey which will be drawn on the night.

The bar will be open so everyone is invited down for a social evening as well as the opportunity to try and buy.

Club Rides – Sunday 27th October

Don’t forget end of BST and the clocks change

WINTER RIDE START TIME: We will not change our start time this winter. Rides will leave at 09.00 all year round.

Pressed for Time Ride

Back to Cycling & Pressed for Time Ride Sunday October 27th. We will head out towards Arkendale, Martin cum Grafton, Boroughbridge and back through Staveley. Back for 10.30 See You Sunday. 09.00.

Team Easy

Steady Ride

Medium Ride

Fast Ride